Forget KFC, there’s fried chicken everywhere, especially in Oldham

A known mystery shopping associate happened to be in Oldham this week whilst the KFC / DHL (+QSL) food crisis continued. The Colonel, has since sought help and partially returned to his old supplier Bidvest Logistics, in an attempt to find some chicken. Although in my opinion he just should run into Nando’s and open all the cupboards. This is an experience I will never forget when one time seeing what appeared to be regular cupboards in a tidy kitchen, which were in fact masses of hidden bird storage locations and cookers. Coincidentally, Bidvest also supply Nandos, Burger King and others, and what looks to be KFC again. Seems the trusted advice is, don’t mess with the chicken.

Sorry, back to Oldham, the mystery shopper was doing some fast food research of the fried chicken variety and became astounded at what he saw. His first thought was, who cares about KFC, as Oldham is well catered. For instance, down part of Union Street alone, in the space of about 0.1 of a mile (hundred or so meters) there is vast choice of chicken fast food outlets. Pictured above are the truly dedicated options where only fried chicken is a stated speciality. I haven’t included other establishments who branch out a bit with burgers, pizza, kebab etc. and those located further down the road. So, who’s eating all this chicken?

But what’s incredibly boring is how unoriginal the names of these takeaways are. Most joints tend to feed off popular American places, others titled with descriptive blandness e.g. Krunchy. Or there’s Allen’s, possibly named after Raymond Allen who originally brought KFC over to the UK but surprisingly now thinks the food tastes a bit meh. My personal opinion is that takeaway fried chicken simply tastes a bit alright when exceedingly drunk, otherwise avoid if sober.  The prize for the most inventive name therefore has to be, Oldham Fried Chicken—am serious, no US state needed here, it’s from Oldham, enough said. And, where’s Bidvest from… Oldham, naturally. The right hub for all this chicken delivering, although their exact location is bizarrely called… Salmon Fields.

Oldham chicken

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