Argos, a Greek city, also pointless retail chain

I was on a quest recently for some, wait for it… noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones. Yes, noise-cancelling! I didn’t want to spend the earth, although in the end I practically did and no thanks to ******* Argos.

The thing is, noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones rarely fall under the £100 budget, and still don’t from my troubling experience. That is, headphones that get rated by more than two or three stars and won’t melt your ears.

The internet though told me that the trusted brand of Philips, and not Bose, could provide in such a possibility.


What HiFi? thought that two models (SHB8750NC/SHB8850NC) of the Philips Wireless Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones were good/excellent, and came under the £100 budget.

Right, let’s Google them then.

Hmmm, not many places have them in stock…

Hang on, Argos has a deal on these, amazing!


Back in the day, Argos literally was king of the UK (and Ireland) high street, stocking everything in its catalogues. Okay, so on the odd occasion from a stock check the local store had run out, but fast forward to the present and things have gone from bad to worse. It doesn’t help that the shops are shrinking since being bought out by Sainsburys—I can only blame the interwebby here. Thing is, Argos had an early portal on the internet from 1995, as per below bragging picture:


Amazing, can we buy what we wants then? Short answer equals, no.

Why not? Well, I go online, onto the big online website: (they have their own domain, this looks promising!).

Find the cans I’m after, stick in the trolley and now ready for checkout.


Eh!? ‘Currently out of stock for delivery’ and ‘Currently out of stock for store collection’ does not make good reading.

Let’s check the previous page again.


I don’t get it, why list these for sale if not available, perhaps should try another local store to collect from…

Nope, I still cannot buy these from where most of the population live.




Oh, great news! They’re in stock in… Whitby.


But what happens if I don’t want to go to Whitby, or maybe live elsewhere…

If you happen to reside in Birmingham or London, then Llanelli (in Wales) is a suggested alternative. 😊


Yeah, I’ll pop down the road, why not.

Hexham, also has a pair.

Random itinerary idea: a round trip to buy all three, then return through the money back guarantee?


Then again, perhaps I can just visit Argos in Greece.


(The Greek noise-cancelling wireless headphones picture is from here: wiki, by Davide Ferro)

Argos to be fair, aren’t that bad when you can actually buy the thing they’re selling, but this isn’t the first of many instances I’ve encountered.

Previously, a local shop had an item available for collection. So, I went there and surprise, surprise, not in the shop. “Sorry, there’s a ‘stock’ discrepancy.”

Pointless, walk into shop, don’t have it, have to order for delivery. Go online, can’t get delivered and no stock in local shop. Argos, please give this up!

(Suggestion: maybe, you could offload the three headsets on eBay or something, rather than ****  off a load of your customers!?)


Well, I gives up in end, this after finding a pair of trusted Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC headphones that one could even try on instead. Which are rather good, although at 3-4 times the price. (What HiFi? didn’t like them much but who cares).

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